Blockscape Build 1315482 Released

Posted on September 3rd, 2016 04:50 AM EST
Blockscape build 1315482 has been released on Steam.

Full list of features and fixes: 
[x] Birch sapling model 
[x] Birch sapling block type 
[x] Birch block model 2x 
[x] Birch block model 4x 
[x] Birch block model 8x 
[x] Spruce state model 
[x] Set correct material for bark in spruce sapling model 
[x] Tool size selection is buggy for some models 
[x] Cleaned up several block models 
[x] Set sapling size to 15^3 so and position the first state block so that it ends up in the middle 
[x] New block model tag: size (overrides calculated size. See saplings) 
[x] Canopy extensions should be visible but scaled for small objects 
[x] New consolse command: growthspeedmultiplier 
[x] Spruce sapling model 
[x] Spruce sapling block type 
[x] Spruce block model 2x 
[x] Spruce block model 4x 
[x] Spruce block model 8x 
[x] mblock: spruce material should use roof material inverted slope logic 
[x] mblock: spruce block with no neighbors and nothing above should be quad slope 65 
[x] mblock: bark block with no neighbors should be bar 
[x] mblock: can't delete inverted slopes in some cases! 
[x] mblock: Should not convert c variants to convex types for spruce materials 
[x] Climb ladders 
[x] mblock: must check parent/real material when calculating changes or edit may be invalid in survival mode 
[x] Disable mining with state models 
[x] Show message that you need to equip tool if trying to mine with a tool in left hand. 
[x] Show "smooth" version of the material in the inventory if mblock tool is active. 
[x] Particles should be single blocks with correct scale! 
[x] Picking floating objects should not delete things around (ignore cursor size!). 
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