Blockscape Autumn Release

Posted on November 19th, 2016 10:38 AM EST
The Autumn release for Blockscape is available and it's a massive update with new sound system, bomb, defense towers, block physics...

Full list of features and fixes:
[x] Default dir should be place dir for dynamic block models
[x] Fix shape of spruce leafs inventory material
[x] state model split doesn't work on user grown trees?
[x] Only create extra edit space if operation is add or delete
[x] Swans have trouble with path finding
[x] Delete block when cursor is inside doesn't work in some cases
[x] mblock: roof/spruce logic should only look in model space + 1 for up cursor
[x] mblock: spruce material: Free build when cursor is not up
[x] User should be able to select current slope for mblock and spruce materials
[x] User should be able to select current slope for mblock and roof materials
[x] Show mat extensions in inventory
[x] Add slope icon 65
[x] Add slope icon 45
[x] Show current mblock slope as icon
[x] Inventory should show a pyramid when tool is mmblock and material is roof
[x] mblock: Only convert roof blocks to 65 slopes if all blocks (in the full slope) are same material
[x] Remove tools tabs in crafting screen
[x] Use mountain pins to detect valid places for mountain base slopes
[x] No snow on cloads please!
[x] new console command: drawlod
[x] new console command: savecam
[x] new console command: loadcam
[x] Winter biome formations should be ice
[x] new material: ice
[x] toggle visible speed hacks doesn't work for caves and complex sream cases
[x] Houses should have snow covered roofs in winter biomes
[x] Streams should never happen on biome borders!
[x] Winter biomes should have snow everywhere :)
[x] geometry extensions: Override shape if underlying material is pine leaves
[x] mblock: if cursor normal is up then only add spruce and roof material if something below
[x] mblock: convert roof and pine blocks to 75 double convex if possible
[x] Add slope 75 c convex models and block types
[x] mblock: spruce materials: convert to 75 slopes when possible
[x] Add slope 75 c2 models and block types
[x] Add slope 75 c models and block types
[x] Add slope 75 models and block types
[x] create an expanded edit space tranparent to the edit functions to allow looking "outisde"
[x] View distance settings!
[x] Delayed block logic: Test if chunk is already on stack before push
[x] Mesh optimization: Added some more logic to handle some very complex cases
[x] More optimizations to the mesh optimization module :)
[x] Make sure we don't add slope adds inside terrain!
[x] Slope adds on high mountains should always be snow!
[x] Slope adds on mountains/rock should be smaller than lose materials
[x] Lots of new slope building parts for the Blockscape world
[x] Loose rocks should fall down in post block logic
[x] Fix rock and roof grid logic!
[x] Rebuild Cave entrance with new rock structure
[x] Rebuild overhangs with new rock structure
[x] Only do variants for l1 building parts with different material below
[x] Detect solid level before adding pins so that we don't add unnecessary slope add parts
[x] Some building parts (secondary cases? only s and c2?) get wrong rotation sometimes.
[x] Snow is yellowish in the distance (shadow map error?)
[x] Rebuild ores with new rock structure
[x] Fix lod 3 for tsvrockx
[x] Added some new beach rock models
[x] Gravel beach for snow and autumn biomes
[x] Better beaches (separate dry and wet sand players)
[x] Fix chaos building parts for level 0
[x] Deleting blocks should also delete cover material
[x] Bomb fuse animation?
[x] Chunks around water falls should always be rock
[x] Delayed block logic: Only process chunks of 4^3 size
[x] Remove all "holes" from all the rock building parts
[x] Pre-compute simple negative triangle shapes for triangle/quad visibillity tests
[x] Do better side visibillity checks in tesselation phase to avoid ninja stage
[x] Delete state models doesn't work!?
[x] Light blocks should always have full color intensity (powered block should driver the color towards white)
[x] Border faces for metal should not be added in blocky worlds
[x] add tc2vn parts
[x] Must do post block logic after explosions
[x] Explosions should remove state models
[x] Bomb fuse sound
[x] Bomb model
[x] Particles from explosions should have higher velocities
[x] Bomb block model
[x] new block model usage "bomb" (see bomb block model)
[x] Wood break sounds
[x] Hit particles
[x] Some optimizations to particles
[x] add tsvn parts
[x] add tcvn parts
[x] Blocks around edit space is incorrectly set as modified by user?
[x] Added 3 new wood debris sounds
[x] Added some new flesh hit sounds
[x] Player hurt sound should be single instance
[x] Ores should belong to rock material group
[x] block logic: only do h sloping for blocks in modelmin.y and modelmax.y range!
[x] Alternative sound effects logic
[x] Some simple post edit block physics for loose materials (auto slope)
[x] Added 3 new pickaxe against stone sounds
[x] Added 3 new sand debris sounds
[x] Added 3 new stone/rock debris sounds
[x] Wood debris sound effect
[x] Whiz sound effect for projectiles
[x] Sound effect pan position is now based on sound location relative to player
[x] Must calculate light probes as close to corners as possible
[x] Rock pattern is now encoded as a function of world position
[x] Updated all the rock building parts to match the new rock pattern logic (phew!)
[x] Updated the block logic so that it follows the new rock pattern
[x] Bug queen flying bug spawn sound
[x] Sound effect volume should decrease with distance
[x] Enemy count and presence should increase with number of NPCs
[x] Some new flesh/wood hit sounds
[x] Arrow tower material error
[x] Tower range
[x] Tower line of sight. (Almost :) )
[x] Towers should only target hostile mobs
[x] Random rotation of particles
[x] Cannon tower: fire sound
[x] Arrow tower: fire sound
[x] Towers should hit monster
[x] Towers should aim at closest monster
[x] Dynamic objects should cast shadow
[x] New block model property: dynamic.offset (sets center of object relative to parent state)
[x] New block model tag: dynamic (For movable objects inside state. See tower block models).
[x] New extra "world layer" for steep vertical walls. Makes it easier to climb terrain.
[x] Snow and sand should be solid for visible cells
[x] Fixed some biome transition erros
[x] Fixed rare crash related to world loading
[x] Arrow tower: Block model: Base
[x] Arrow tower: Block model: Carriage
[x] Arrow tower: Block model: Canon
[x] Arrow tower: Block model: Projectile
[x] Arrow tower: Tool
[x] Cannon tower: Block model: Base
[x] Cannon tower: Block model: Carriage
[x] Cannon tower: Block model: Canon
[x] Cannon tower: Block model: Projectile
[x] Cannon tower: Tool
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