Change log for bsng v4

Posted on August 9th, 2019 07:23 AM EST

As promised I put together a list of the most important features and fixes that made it into v4:

[x] Better hitboxes for monsters.
[x] Correct source position for destruction particles
[x] UI slot for righ hand tool.
[x] Swans are back.
[x] Enigmas are back.
[x] Added houses.
[x] Added castles.
[x] State models locking. Only used by doors for now.
[x] Container state models.
[x] Added ui for container state models. Lower part of inventory when openening (clicking) on state model.
[x] Added drag an drop between different types of ui slots.
[x] Added guard monster type.
[x] No more falling through ground.
[x] Lots of optimizations.
[x] Added logic to make blocks indestructible. Used by buildings.
[x] Helmet recipe.
[x] Helmets now have efficiency thst is used in hit point calculations. In other words: they work. :)
[x] Added cooldown effect to all weapons. Visualized by frame intensity of weapon slot. No more spam clicking.
[x] Bigger weapons take more damage but have longer cooldown.
[x] Added document state model.
[x] Added note document type. Clicking on a note opens the document for reading.
[x] Added world map document type. Taking the map claims the land and all buildings in the area becomes destructible.
[x] Player will be pushed away by big detonations like golem hits.
[x] smoother character animations.
[x] Swans and foxes will try to flee when player get close.
[x] New block models for most tree types.
[x] Potions works now (health and food).
[x] All tool properties and material hardness better balanced. Much harder to dig by hand now.
[x] Starfish is back.
[x] You can now eat most of the bugs. They don't restore much hunger but is better than nothing.
[x] Mushrooms are back. Generated in shadow. Mostly under trees.
[x] Small rocks are now scattered in some areas. Usefull when building your first tool.
[x] Added textures to skin, fur and clothes.

best regards
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