Blockscape bsng v9 (build 4164210) released!

Posted on September 3rd, 2019 04:27 PM EST

First I want to send out a big hug for all the positive reviews posted in tha last couple of days. It really warms my heart.


Key binding! Found under Options->Controls in the in-game menu. Also good to have for people playing the game for the first time.

All in-game options are now saved correctly.

Procedural clouds. More of a test so they will probably change. I would like them to move. Would look cool I think. Maybe we could have some that move and some that are fixed (so you can build with them). Let's see...

I also spent almost an entire day tracking down a nasty bug that would make the voxelization phase of world chunks go crazy. You could see it as big, usually 4 meter, offsets in the terrain.

Full list of changes:

[x] Procedural clouds.
[x] Key binding.
[x] Fixed save/load of in-game options.
[x] Fixed rendering errors when water quality is set to low.
[x] Fixed a nasty world chunk voxelization error.

Have fun!
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