Blockscape bsng v10 (build 4167455) released!

Posted on September 5th, 2019 05:18 AM EST

If you outrun the world-generator you will now see a turtle icon in the upper left corner (see image above). I get many question about why the game freezes from time to time and most often this is because the computer can't generate world chunks fast enough. I spend a lot of time working on optimizations and hopefully this icon will be rare even on lower end computers in the future.

All inventory items on the left side are now gray. This is done to make it more clear that they represent shapes and that the right side shows available materials for the selected shape.

Full list of changes:

[x] Add forest sounds.
[x] All tools should be gray.
[x] Remove block materials in desk state model
[x] Remove block materials in desk chest state model
[x] Remove block materials in crate state model
[x] Add turtle icon to signal slow world generation.

Have fun!
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