Blockscape bsng v11 (build 4196886) released!

Posted on September 14th, 2019 02:50 PM EST


Redesigned inventory.

Cleaner look. Updated fonts. Updated player model.

It is not perfect but a very big improvement. The next update will be an inventory that scales with screen resolution. I have already made some preparations for this,

Full list of changes:

[x] Redesigned inventory
[x] Added "hmm" sound when worker is analyzing shelf.
[x] Cursor no longer makes water invisible
[x] Optimizations
[x] Removed tool slot texts
[x] Removed material slot texts
[x] Crafting recipe ingredient now show how much you have next to the required quantity.
[x] Bigger inventory slot quantity text
[x] Better inventory player model
[x] Smooth materials tab icon is now back.
[x] New font design for medium size text
[x] Add sounds volume is now based on amount of blocks
[x] Delete sounds volume is now based on amount of blocks
[x] Belongs to info is now only shown if the state model is the closest object.

best regards
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