Unstable branch updated (v13 preview 4)

Posted on December 1st, 2019 06:36 AM EST

Mostly changes and fixes related to input from you.

Current list of changes since last stable update:

// Hit distance for bugs is now same building distance.
// Improved sky lighting.
// Corrected snow covered grass color
// Better texture and normal maps for snow and sand
// New poly tool. Select 3 or 4 points and hit [Enter] to fill.
// Crafting time is now shorter.
// Fixed scaling of plant tool icon in inventory.
// Cliffs. New world feature. Can be disabled in "New game" options.
// LOTS of rendering optimizations.
// LOTS of Worker logic optimizations.
// Added stone tool.
// Scalar field voxels super smoothing.
// Some floating blocks will now sunk into soft materials.
// Removed automated door (should be able to automate normal door)
// Most blocky tools should be placed on solid scalar field voxels
// Fixed "state models removes scalars field voxels when placed/removed".
// Terrain sphere materials shows smooth sphere now.
// Terrain cube materials shows smooth cube now.
// Added recipe output text for materials in crafting ui.
// New Branch witout leaves plant type.
// New Palm leaf branch plant type.
// New Fern plant type.
// New Wheat plant type.
// Improved lighting for foliage.
// Added big rocks cube type and tool.
// Voxel paint/fill ([SHIFT]) uses correct cursor size now.
// You can now place blocks "inside" scalar field voxels.
// Normal cursor is now hidden when mouse is over a floating block.
// Flying and Ghosting states are now saved with the savegame.
// Ferns are now sloping a bit more.
// A screenshot of the savegame is now showed when mouse is over the savegame in the load game screen
// Fixed terrain normals for distant faces
// Made branch plant type a bit darker
// Added weeping branch without leaves plant type
// Fixed cases where plants didn't snap correctly on some surfaces.
// Disabled Golem attacks in "Just build" mode.
// Fixed player sliding on almost planar terrain on lower end machines.
// Metal bugs will only spawn from metal/ore now.
// You can now apply paint to state models again.

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