Blockscape bsng v13 (build 4469862) released!

Posted on December 7th, 2019 06:52 AM EST

To make the landscape a bit more interesting I added cliffs. They are great places to build on as the top is flat.

Improved lighting. Sky lighting is now more realistic and foliage lighting is much better.

Terrain super smoothing. You want is smooth.

Updated map assets for sand, snow and serveral plants.

Blocks and smooth voxels works much better together now. You can now place blocks partly inside the smooth terrain.

A screenshot of the savegame is now displayed on mouse over savegame name in the loading screen. Helps a lot when you have many savegames or bad memory :)

Lots of optimizations.

New plant types: Branch without leaves, weeping branch without leaves, palm branch, fern and wheat.

Full list of changes:
// Hit distance for bugs is now same building distance.
// Improved sky lighting.
// Corrected snow covered grass color
// Better texture and normal maps for snow and sand
// New poly tool. Select 3 or 4 points and hit [Enter] to fill.
// Crafting time is now shorter.
// Fixed scaling of plant tool icon in inventory.
// Cliffs. New world feature. Can be disabled in "New game" options.
// LOTS of rendering optimizations.
// LOTS of Worker logic optimizations.
// Added stone tool.
// Scalar field voxels super smoothing.
// Some floating blocks will now sunk into soft materials.
// Removed automated door (should be able to automate normal door)
// Most blocky tools should be placed on solid scalar field voxels
// Fixed "state models removes scalars field voxels when placed/removed".
// Terrain sphere materials shows smooth sphere now.
// Terrain cube materials shows smooth cube now.
// Added recipe output text for materials in crafting ui.
// New Branch witout leaves plant type.
// New Palm leaf branch plant type.
// New Fern plant type.
// New Wheat plant type.
// Improved lighting for foliage.
// Added big rocks cube type and tool.
// Voxel paint/fill ([SHIFT]) uses correct cursor size now.
// You can now place blocks "inside" scalar field voxels.
// Normal cursor is now hidden when mouse is over a floating block.
// Flying and Ghosting states are now saved with the savegame.
// Ferns are now sloping a bit more.
// A screenshot of the savegame is now showed when mouse is over the savegame in the load game screen
// Fixed terrain normals for distant faces
// Made branch plant type a bit darker
// Added weeping branch without leaves plant type
// Fixed cases where plants didn't snap correctly on some surfaces.
// Disabled Golem attacks in "Just build" mode.
// Fixed player sliding on almost planar terrain on lower end machines.
// Metal bugs will only spawn from metal/ore now.
// You can now apply paint to state models again.

Have fun!
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