Unstable branch updated (v14 preview 2)

Posted on January 1st, 2020 07:46 PM EST


  • Many new modular building parts
  • Level and Raise/Lower terrain tools
  • Reworked snapping logic.

Full list of changes since last stable update:

// Added support for Modular Building Parts.
// Added many Modular Building Parts. More to come.
// It is now possible to paint all parts in a state model.
// Added new tool tab for mbp.
// Changed rayleigh scattering to make landscape more saturated.
// Fixed height of Roof Double MBP.
// MBP non solid blocks don't overwrite solid blocks anymore.
// MBP Corners now snap to floor
// Many changes to snapping logic to handle snapping size not equal to tool size
// Added level tool
// Added Raise terrain tool

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