Unstable branch updated (v14 preview 3)

Posted on January 21st, 2020 06:11 PM EST


Highlights in this update:

  • Lots of changes to materials and plants: More variation, seam fixes, new plants, second procedural layer, distant terrain normal mapping and more...
  • Upgraded world generation: Grass can grow down to water level. Many fixes to holes in terrain near water level.
  • Modular building parts: New ones and lot of fixes.

Full list of changes since last stable update:

// Added support for Modular Building Parts.
// Added many Modular Building Parts. More to come.
// It is now possible to paint all parts in a state model.
// Added new tool tab for mbp.
// Changed rayleigh scattering to make landscape more saturated.
// Fixed height of Roof Double MBP.
// MBP non solid blocks don't overwrite solid blocks anymore.
// MBP Corners now snap to floor
// Many changes to snapping logic to handle snapping size not equal to tool size
// Added level tool
// Added Raise terrain tool
// New gravel texture
// Gravel is now the default beach material with a 50% chance of being converted to sand in spring and summer biomes.
// Fixed some issues with the stone brick texture
// Fixed errors in the oak leaves texture
// Fixed errors in the birch leaves texture
// More size variation to grass and flowers
// Games will now always start with clear weather. After some time there will be a small chance of foggy wheater.
// MBP Corners now snaps to wall y pos
// Fixed MBP Roof double half snapping errors
// Other state model blocks are now protected when deleting a state model.
// Added some more detail to grass plant textures
// Added procedural second layer to grass. Leaves for autumn/dry grass, blue and white flowers for spring grass and yellow flowers for summer grass.
// Added reed (very high grass). Grows near water in summer biomes.
// Grass can now be generated down to water level in spring and summer biomes.
// Recativated some old block types (quarter sphere, quarter sphere small, slope 45 small)
// Fixed rare missing blocks on some modular building parts (like lower overhang cubes on roofs)
// Fixed cases where some plants was not generated on LOD 0 world chunks
// Added distant terrain normal mapping
// Fixed some errors in snow texture
// Fixed most (all?) of the holes in the terrain near water

Have fun!
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