Blockscape Build 1039556 Released

Posted on March 24th, 2016 08:24 PM EST
Blockscape build 1039556 has been released on Steam today.


- Hostile mobs: Enigma, Mother bug, Wasp and Snake. Only attacks in Survival mode. Only spawns in the Blockscape world for now. 
- Reworked health system for mobs. Different weapons now do different damage. Mouse over mobs will show health. 
- Better transitions between biomes/materials. Added many transition tiles to handle cases where different biome/materials meet on the same level. 
- Reworked building parts in the Blockscape world. More detail up close and smoother looking from a distance. 
- Removed lots of errors in the Blockscape world generation (bad stream layouts, bad slopes, bad tree growth positions and so on...) 

Full list of new features and fixes in no order: 

[x] New monster: Bug queen (or Mother bug) 
[x] Fix path finding and movement for ground mobs 
[x] Bug queen should spawn a flying bug when player is close 
[x] Limit number of active flying bugs spawned by the queen 
[x] Flying bugs are leaning to the right (flying bug coordinate system is wrong!) 
[x] Allow movement to random points within cells 
[x] Bug queen should not target player! 
[x] Remove monsters that have invalid pos and invalid targets! 
[x] Flying bugs should deaccelerate to a point above the queen and then accelerate towards the player 
[x] Add "lips" to bug queen 
[x] Add high priority targets (less deviation from path) to monster movement 
[x] Add support for initial inpulse vector to monster movement 
[x] Bug queen teeth are too big! 
[x] Mother bug is floating half a block above ground 
[x] New monster: Snake. 
[x] Snake should be able to "walk" on any surface (vertical, upside down) 
[x] Monsters should move through plants. Not over. 
[x] Snake should only attack player in sruvival mode 
[x] Changed several building parts to make distant mountains a bit more "smooth". 
[x] Flying bugs should only target player in survival mode 
[x] c2 base building part was missing in some cases 
[x] Updated most of the rock4 parts with a more rounded look 
[x] Updated most of the rock5 parts with a more rounded look 
[x] Updated most of the rock6 parts with a more rounded look 
[x] c and c2 rock4 rock parts now work as a unit 
[x] add cfb parts for rock5 
[x] Fix colission between caves and streams 
[x] rock5 c parts should be used when there is no c2 rock part behind 
[x] Fixed some cases where the mesh extraction created holes in the world for higher lods. 
[x] Fix particle positions when destroying mobs 
[x] Flying bugs should sting player when close 
[x] Snake should hit player when close 
[x] Mouse over mobs should show their health 
[x] Fix monster health points 
[x] Bug queen player close warning sound 
[x] Snake head mesh 
[x] Snake body part mesh 
[x] Flying bug attack sound 
[x] Monster should loose speed when hit 
[x] Monsters should move faster when attacking 
[x] Monsters should recover speed after hit (set max speed on def) 
[x] Snake gets stuck going from attack to normal path finding 
[x] Bug queen lips color should be brighter variant of its body color 
[x] Snake floats half a block over the surface when in attack mode 
[x] Snake pattern and "belly" should be brighter variant of body_color 
[x] Monster impulse should fade every frame 
[x] Snake should try not to intersect itself (use monster collision logic?) 
[x] Handle monster collisions (read current world state into movement buffer) 
[x] Add Snake spawn positions building part (use fish spawn? yes) 
[x] Make fish spawn logic generic 
[x] Snake spawning 
[x] Mother bug spawning 
[x] Player hurt sound when hit by monster 
[x] Snake tail mesh 
[x] Seasons should be part of the biome type! done! puh... 
[x] Mob colors should be based on the biome where it was spawned 
[x] Path finding is too slow in some cases. Use caching of world data to speed things up! 
[x] Keep track of highest detailed blocks when loading block cache 
[x] Add sting to flying bugs 
[x] Valid mob colors are missing for Tropic and Sea biomes 
[x] Solve random path finding in several move iterations for bigger mobs. Done! puh! 
[x] Interpolate body parts targets for smoother movement 
[x] New monster: Enigma (large snake/dragon like sea creature) 
[x] Enigma body mesh 
[x] New console command: gametype 
[x] Enigma should attack player when close 
[x] Use compressed block cache for bigger mobs? No. Didn't work very well. 
[x] Enigma head mesh 
[x] Separate target recording from body part positioning 
[x] If advanced target path finding fails it should use the best possible target based on angle before picking a completely random target 
[x] Mother bug should not go or spawn under water 
[x] Snakes gets stuck at random? 
[x] Enigma tail mesh 
[x] Must add dist check to mob target valid check 
[x] Add several transition building parts 
[x] Tile transition logic to handle cases where different materials meet on the same level 
[x] Mobs should try to find a new target as soon as they are spawned (just set target = starting pos). 
[x] Water mobs disapear when far away (but not because of limit) 
[x] Removed lots of "bad" streams 
[x] Fixed some cases where slope generation messed up part selection because of chunk border issues 
[x] up vector is wrong for mobs moving on edges?

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