Blockscape Build 1241067 Released

Posted on July 22nd, 2016 06:29 PM EST
Blockscape build 1241067 has been released on Steam today.


MBlock tool: 

This version introduces the MBlock tool where M stands for Master or Multi. The huge number of block types in Blockscape is both a blessing and a curse. Building things and modifying terrain has been a very time consuming process. Until now. The MBlock is like a material/context sensitive block building tool, block painting tool and leveling tool in one. That means it will behave different depending on the material you are working with. To enable block fill/leveling you hold down [SHIFT]. I will make videos that explains how all this works. 

Cover paint tool 

This tool will let you paint a cover material onto any up facing surface. This is very useful as it will not modify the material of the blocks that you paint on. This is also used in the world generator for things like grass on rocks and snow on mountain tops. 

Blockscape worlds are now infinite in every direction 

You can now dig as deep as your computer can handle. 

Material surface extensions 

Materials like grass, leaves and snow adds extra geometry for a greater visual experience. 

A new Blockscape world generator 

Lots of memory optimizations 

Full list of changes: 

[x] Add Limestone rocks 
[x] mlevel: crash when edit too far from player 
[x] Snow extensions should not be affected by wind! 
[x] Fix palm leaves extension shape 
[x] Snow extensions? 
[x] Fix palm leaves texture 
[x] Cover material doesn't work for lod level 0 in world gen? 
[x] Grass extensions? 
[x] Make Blockscape worlds y-axis infinite 
[x] Blockscape plane world ground level should be 0 
[x] Desert trees should not have palm leaves! 
[x] mlevel: Should use depth from hit point! 
[x] Mesh opt must care about material transitions. (May have been some of the most complicated code yet! Double Phew!) 
[x] mlevel: Fix cursor! 
[x] Material transitions doesn't work for inventory items?! 
[x] Cover paint tool: materials looks wrong in inventory 
[x] Add description to cover paint tool 
[x] Cover paint tool: remove doesn't work 
[x] Cover paint tool 
[x] mlevel: deactivate rock logic! (Making sure everythingwithin range is converted to cubes is enough) 
[x] mlevel: LMB add and RMB delete! 
[x] mlevel: Delete everything above plane 
[x] mblock/mlevel: Cubes are set at the top of edit space in some cases!? 
[x] mlevel: Add some bias to fix issues with sloped leveling 
[x] mlevel: Only works if player is close to plane? 
[x] mlevel: Should use material from hit point! 
[x] mlevel: Fix shape (cylinder) 
[x] mlevel: Fix lbn pos 
[x] Snow cover on mountain tops 
[x] Remove growth for everything above 16*16 
[x] Dual mat cube must be included in mblock valid terrain blocks 
[x] Rock glue: Convert blocks with 8 horizontal neighbors into cubes 
[x] Remove standars block types from active tab in just build mode 
[x] Make sure materials are not affected by wind by default 
[x] "Big" biome features should only be placed on raised land with no neighbors 
[x] Move all "important" tools to first tab 
[x] Move all standard block types to other tab 
[x] Add "real" mblock tool 
[x] mblock hslope error. Somehow converted into xz aligned 65 bottom? 
[x] Fix spruce leaves extensions shape 
[x] mblock: Spruce leaves and roof materials should select 65 slopes when possible 
[x] Don't tesselate building part surfaces below solid level 
[x] Canopy extensions should be double sided 
[x] Canopy extensions 
[x] Fix cases where slope double convex should replace slope c1 
[x] mblock: fix level tool for tools sizes > 1 
[x] mblock: rock voxels should snap through cursor plane 
[x] mblock: Use separate voxel grid for roofs 
[x] mblock: l0 rocks should be loose stones 
[x] Fix block logic cases for slope double diagonal 
[x] Add slope double diagonal block type 
[x] mblock: auto brick beveling 
[x] mblock: rock materials block logic 
[x] New level tool. Hold down shift when using mblock tool. 
[x] Must handle block upgrade cases for c2 slope in apply building parts module 
[x] Must handle block upgrade cases for normal slope in apply building parts module 
[x] Added some rocks to desert biome. Sometimes they will pile up. 
[x] Added some snow formations to winter woodland biome 
[x] Blockscape world gen version 2 
[x] mblock: Make a list of block types that mblock must not touch 
[x] mblock: do slopes for building materials 
[x] mblock: do convex/concave slopes only if needed for organic materials 
[x] mblock: use bars when no h-neighbors for planks? 
[x] mblock: select correct align mat at corner and edges for plank material 
[x] New normal maps for plank materials 
[x] New Blockscape mountian generation algorithms 
[x] less desert biome in Blockscape world 
[x] mblock: organic materials l0: diagonal connections in tesselation phase 
[x] mblock: post fix for concave and convex corner slopes 
[x] mblock: automatic configuration of blocks for roof materials 
[x] mblock: organic materials l0: Add snapped octahedron if > l0 neighbor 
[x] mblock: organic materials l0: Connect nodes in tesselation phase 
[x] mblock: organic materials l0: Use octahedron as node 
[x] New block type: octahedron 
[x] Block logic grid: Automatic configuration for organic materials 
[x] Better beaches for lakes
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