Blockscape Build 1282899 Released

Posted on August 11th, 2016 08:14 AM EST
Blockscape build 1282899 has been released on Steam.

This update is mostly about lighting. Most important: 
- Any light source you hold in your hand or equip will now cast light around the player. Useful for exploring caves. 
- Fire light is a bit brighter now. 
- Flame size will depend on size of the block on fire. 
- Dynamic objects like particles will now recieve the correct light from point lights. 
- A small ghost icon in the top left corner will tell you if you are in noclip mode. 
- Mother bugs will only make the alarm sound when you enter its alarm area. 

Full list of features and fixes: 

[x] Dynamic objects are not affected by point lights? 
[x] Holding any light source should cast light. 
[x] Fire light should be a bit brighter. 
[x] Whole world chunks are solid grass in some cases 
[x] Fire rotation is wrong for dynamic fire. 
[x] Small blocks on fire should have small flames (like torches) 
[x] Fire pos is a bit off in some cases 
[x] Holding a torch should cast light 
[x] You can now hold torches with your right hand. 
[X] ghost icon to show "not colliding mode" (noclip) 
[x] If noclip is on then flying should also be on 
[x] Add help text to mblock tool 
[x] Mother bug should only make a warning sound when the player enters its detection range 
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