Blog Feed en Wed, 28 Nov 2018 00:16 CET is a Blockscape servers list. Its goal is to provide an efficient way for players to find a server that suits their needs and also for servers owners to get more players on their servers. 60 BSNG v3 (build 3344979) is out Wed, 28 Nov 2018 00:16 CET

  • Fire simulation is working again.
  • Fix for initial spawn position (could be far above ground in previous version)
  • Fixed walking sounds
  • Worm spawn only from soft organic (grass, soil, snow, sand) materials now. (Spawned from any organic material including stone in previous versions)
  • Fixed the rare "can't build from certain angles" bug.

I think we are close to making this official now.

Have fun!
Next step Sat, 01 Sep 2018 12:46 CEST


Next version combines all the best features of previous version into what I believe is the ultimate block building game. Freely mix block building with smooth voxel techiniques. All worlds are mods that are open to everyone. Create your own worlds or modify existing ones using simple C# scripting and xml files.

When? Very soon! :)

best regards
What is going on? Thu, 06 Apr 2017 15:57 CEST
I'm currently upgrading the Blockscape world to use tech from the realistic world to represent smooth materials. This will make the landscape a bit more smooth and allow more building options. Think of it as a mix between the realistic world and the Blockscape world. The following image will give you an idea of what will be possible:

I have also developed an in game animation system so it will be easier to create more complex mobs. Next version will have a new Golem enemy and a Fox (beacuse my daughter loves foxes).

best regards
Blockscape Build 1609592 Released Sat, 04 Feb 2017 14:09 CET
[x] Worm sounds
[x] td monsters should die when sun goes up
[x] td monsters should spawn only at night
[x] Incorrect td spawn points at non organic blocks? Yupp. Fixed.
[x] Add teeth to worm head
[x] Crash when joining server?
[x] Worm body model
[x] New monster: Worm
[x] Worm head model
[x] Delay destruction of state models or I will get problems :)
[x] td monsters with a target should have full attack speed
[x] td monsters should spawn only in survival mode
[x] Randomize td monster spawn point?
[x] TD monsters should attack players if close
[x] Must check that td monster is close to state model. Depth is not enough!
[x] TD monsters should destroy block models when close enough
[x] Only td field should be valid pos for td monsters
[x] Use td field to find next target for td monsters
[x] TD Monster spawn
[x] New console command: havemobs
[x] Generate td Path field]]>
Blockscape Autumn Release Sat, 19 Nov 2016 16:38 CET
Full list of features and fixes:
[x] Default dir should be place dir for dynamic block models
[x] Fix shape of spruce leafs inventory material
[x] state model split doesn't work on user grown trees?
[x] Only create extra edit space if operation is add or delete
[x] Swans have trouble with path finding
[x] Delete block when cursor is inside doesn't work in some cases
[x] mblock: roof/spruce logic should only look in model space + 1 for up cursor
[x] mblock: spruce material: Free build when cursor is not up
[x] User should be able to select current slope for mblock and spruce materials
[x] User should be able to select current slope for mblock and roof materials
[x] Show mat extensions in inventory
[x] Add slope icon 65
[x] Add slope icon 45
[x] Show current mblock slope as icon
[x] Inventory should show a pyramid when tool is mmblock and material is roof
[x] mblock: Only convert roof blocks to 65 slopes if all blocks (in the full slope) are same material
[x] Remove tools tabs in crafting screen
[x] Use mountain pins to detect valid places for mountain base slopes
[x] No snow on cloads please!
[x] new console command: drawlod
[x] new console command: savecam
[x] new console command: loadcam
[x] Winter biome formations should be ice
[x] new material: ice
[x] toggle visible speed hacks doesn't work for caves and complex sream cases
[x] Houses should have snow covered roofs in winter biomes
[x] Streams should never happen on biome borders!
[x] Winter biomes should have snow everywhere :)
[x] geometry extensions: Override shape if underlying material is pine leaves
[x] mblock: if cursor normal is up then only add spruce and roof material if something below
[x] mblock: convert roof and pine blocks to 75 double convex if possible
[x] Add slope 75 c convex models and block types
[x] mblock: spruce materials: convert to 75 slopes when possible
[x] Add slope 75 c2 models and block types
[x] Add slope 75 c models and block types
[x] Add slope 75 models and block types
[x] create an expanded edit space tranparent to the edit functions to allow looking "outisde"
[x] View distance settings!
[x] Delayed block logic: Test if chunk is already on stack before push
[x] Mesh optimization: Added some more logic to handle some very complex cases
[x] More optimizations to the mesh optimization module :)
[x] Make sure we don't add slope adds inside terrain!
[x] Slope adds on high mountains should always be snow!
[x] Slope adds on mountains/rock should be smaller than lose materials
[x] Lots of new slope building parts for the Blockscape world
[x] Loose rocks should fall down in post block logic
[x] Fix rock and roof grid logic!
[x] Rebuild Cave entrance with new rock structure
[x] Rebuild overhangs with new rock structure
[x] Only do variants for l1 building parts with different material below
[x] Detect solid level before adding pins so that we don't add unnecessary slope add parts
[x] Some building parts (secondary cases? only s and c2?) get wrong rotation sometimes.
[x] Snow is yellowish in the distance (shadow map error?)
[x] Rebuild ores with new rock structure
[x] Fix lod 3 for tsvrockx
[x] Added some new beach rock models
[x] Gravel beach for snow and autumn biomes
[x] Better beaches (separate dry and wet sand players)
[x] Fix chaos building parts for level 0
[x] Deleting blocks should also delete cover material
[x] Bomb fuse animation?
[x] Chunks around water falls should always be rock
[x] Delayed block logic: Only process chunks of 4^3 size
[x] Remove all "holes" from all the rock building parts
[x] Pre-compute simple negative triangle shapes for triangle/quad visibillity tests
[x] Do better side visibillity checks in tesselation phase to avoid ninja stage
[x] Delete state models doesn't work!?
[x] Light blocks should always have full color intensity (powered block should driver the color towards white)
[x] Border faces for metal should not be added in blocky worlds
[x] add tc2vn parts
[x] Must do post block logic after explosions
[x] Explosions should remove state models
[x] Bomb fuse sound
[x] Bomb model
[x] Particles from explosions should have higher velocities
[x] Bomb block model
[x] new block model usage "bomb" (see bomb block model)
[x] Wood break sounds
[x] Hit particles
[x] Some optimizations to particles
[x] add tsvn parts
[x] add tcvn parts
[x] Blocks around edit space is incorrectly set as modified by user?
[x] Added 3 new wood debris sounds
[x] Added some new flesh hit sounds
[x] Player hurt sound should be single instance
[x] Ores should belong to rock material group
[x] block logic: only do h sloping for blocks in modelmin.y and modelmax.y range!
[x] Alternative sound effects logic
[x] Some simple post edit block physics for loose materials (auto slope)
[x] Added 3 new pickaxe against stone sounds
[x] Added 3 new sand debris sounds
[x] Added 3 new stone/rock debris sounds
[x] Wood debris sound effect
[x] Whiz sound effect for projectiles
[x] Sound effect pan position is now based on sound location relative to player
[x] Must calculate light probes as close to corners as possible
[x] Rock pattern is now encoded as a function of world position
[x] Updated all the rock building parts to match the new rock pattern logic (phew!)
[x] Updated the block logic so that it follows the new rock pattern
[x] Bug queen flying bug spawn sound
[x] Sound effect volume should decrease with distance
[x] Enemy count and presence should increase with number of NPCs
[x] Some new flesh/wood hit sounds
[x] Arrow tower material error
[x] Tower range
[x] Tower line of sight. (Almost :) )
[x] Towers should only target hostile mobs
[x] Random rotation of particles
[x] Cannon tower: fire sound
[x] Arrow tower: fire sound
[x] Towers should hit monster
[x] Towers should aim at closest monster
[x] Dynamic objects should cast shadow
[x] New block model property: dynamic.offset (sets center of object relative to parent state)
[x] New block model tag: dynamic (For movable objects inside state. See tower block models).
[x] New extra "world layer" for steep vertical walls. Makes it easier to climb terrain.
[x] Snow and sand should be solid for visible cells
[x] Fixed some biome transition erros
[x] Fixed rare crash related to world loading
[x] Arrow tower: Block model: Base
[x] Arrow tower: Block model: Carriage
[x] Arrow tower: Block model: Canon
[x] Arrow tower: Block model: Projectile
[x] Arrow tower: Tool
[x] Cannon tower: Block model: Base
[x] Cannon tower: Block model: Carriage
[x] Cannon tower: Block model: Canon
[x] Cannon tower: Block model: Projectile
[x] Cannon tower: Tool]]>
Blockscape Build 1315482 Released Sat, 03 Sep 2016 11:50 CEST
Full list of features and fixes: 
[x] Birch sapling model 
[x] Birch sapling block type 
[x] Birch block model 2x 
[x] Birch block model 4x 
[x] Birch block model 8x 
[x] Spruce state model 
[x] Set correct material for bark in spruce sapling model 
[x] Tool size selection is buggy for some models 
[x] Cleaned up several block models 
[x] Set sapling size to 15^3 so and position the first state block so that it ends up in the middle 
[x] New block model tag: size (overrides calculated size. See saplings) 
[x] Canopy extensions should be visible but scaled for small objects 
[x] New consolse command: growthspeedmultiplier 
[x] Spruce sapling model 
[x] Spruce sapling block type 
[x] Spruce block model 2x 
[x] Spruce block model 4x 
[x] Spruce block model 8x 
[x] mblock: spruce material should use roof material inverted slope logic 
[x] mblock: spruce block with no neighbors and nothing above should be quad slope 65 
[x] mblock: bark block with no neighbors should be bar 
[x] mblock: can't delete inverted slopes in some cases! 
[x] mblock: Should not convert c variants to convex types for spruce materials 
[x] Climb ladders 
[x] mblock: must check parent/real material when calculating changes or edit may be invalid in survival mode 
[x] Disable mining with state models 
[x] Show message that you need to equip tool if trying to mine with a tool in left hand. 
[x] Show "smooth" version of the material in the inventory if mblock tool is active. 
[x] Particles should be single blocks with correct scale! 
[x] Picking floating objects should not delete things around (ignore cursor size!). ]]>
Blockscape Build 1282899 Released Thu, 11 Aug 2016 15:14 CEST
This update is mostly about lighting. Most important: 
- Any light source you hold in your hand or equip will now cast light around the player. Useful for exploring caves. 
- Fire light is a bit brighter now. 
- Flame size will depend on size of the block on fire. 
- Dynamic objects like particles will now recieve the correct light from point lights. 
- A small ghost icon in the top left corner will tell you if you are in noclip mode. 
- Mother bugs will only make the alarm sound when you enter its alarm area. 

Full list of features and fixes: 

[x] Dynamic objects are not affected by point lights? 
[x] Holding any light source should cast light. 
[x] Fire light should be a bit brighter. 
[x] Whole world chunks are solid grass in some cases 
[x] Fire rotation is wrong for dynamic fire. 
[x] Small blocks on fire should have small flames (like torches) 
[x] Fire pos is a bit off in some cases 
[x] Holding a torch should cast light 
[x] You can now hold torches with your right hand. 
[X] ghost icon to show "not colliding mode" (noclip) 
[x] If noclip is on then flying should also be on 
[x] Add help text to mblock tool 
[x] Mother bug should only make a warning sound when the player enters its detection range ]]>
Blockscape Build 1241067 Released Sat, 23 Jul 2016 01:29 CEST


MBlock tool: 

This version introduces the MBlock tool where M stands for Master or Multi. The huge number of block types in Blockscape is both a blessing and a curse. Building things and modifying terrain has been a very time consuming process. Until now. The MBlock is like a material/context sensitive block building tool, block painting tool and leveling tool in one. That means it will behave different depending on the material you are working with. To enable block fill/leveling you hold down [SHIFT]. I will make videos that explains how all this works. 

Cover paint tool 

This tool will let you paint a cover material onto any up facing surface. This is very useful as it will not modify the material of the blocks that you paint on. This is also used in the world generator for things like grass on rocks and snow on mountain tops. 

Blockscape worlds are now infinite in every direction 

You can now dig as deep as your computer can handle. 

Material surface extensions 

Materials like grass, leaves and snow adds extra geometry for a greater visual experience. 

A new Blockscape world generator 

Lots of memory optimizations 

Full list of changes: 

[x] Add Limestone rocks 
[x] mlevel: crash when edit too far from player 
[x] Snow extensions should not be affected by wind! 
[x] Fix palm leaves extension shape 
[x] Snow extensions? 
[x] Fix palm leaves texture 
[x] Cover material doesn't work for lod level 0 in world gen? 
[x] Grass extensions? 
[x] Make Blockscape worlds y-axis infinite 
[x] Blockscape plane world ground level should be 0 
[x] Desert trees should not have palm leaves! 
[x] mlevel: Should use depth from hit point! 
[x] Mesh opt must care about material transitions. (May have been some of the most complicated code yet! Double Phew!) 
[x] mlevel: Fix cursor! 
[x] Material transitions doesn't work for inventory items?! 
[x] Cover paint tool: materials looks wrong in inventory 
[x] Add description to cover paint tool 
[x] Cover paint tool: remove doesn't work 
[x] Cover paint tool 
[x] mlevel: deactivate rock logic! (Making sure everythingwithin range is converted to cubes is enough) 
[x] mlevel: LMB add and RMB delete! 
[x] mlevel: Delete everything above plane 
[x] mblock/mlevel: Cubes are set at the top of edit space in some cases!? 
[x] mlevel: Add some bias to fix issues with sloped leveling 
[x] mlevel: Only works if player is close to plane? 
[x] mlevel: Should use material from hit point! 
[x] mlevel: Fix shape (cylinder) 
[x] mlevel: Fix lbn pos 
[x] Snow cover on mountain tops 
[x] Remove growth for everything above 16*16 
[x] Dual mat cube must be included in mblock valid terrain blocks 
[x] Rock glue: Convert blocks with 8 horizontal neighbors into cubes 
[x] Remove standars block types from active tab in just build mode 
[x] Make sure materials are not affected by wind by default 
[x] "Big" biome features should only be placed on raised land with no neighbors 
[x] Move all "important" tools to first tab 
[x] Move all standard block types to other tab 
[x] Add "real" mblock tool 
[x] mblock hslope error. Somehow converted into xz aligned 65 bottom? 
[x] Fix spruce leaves extensions shape 
[x] mblock: Spruce leaves and roof materials should select 65 slopes when possible 
[x] Don't tesselate building part surfaces below solid level 
[x] Canopy extensions should be double sided 
[x] Canopy extensions 
[x] Fix cases where slope double convex should replace slope c1 
[x] mblock: fix level tool for tools sizes > 1 
[x] mblock: rock voxels should snap through cursor plane 
[x] mblock: Use separate voxel grid for roofs 
[x] mblock: l0 rocks should be loose stones 
[x] Fix block logic cases for slope double diagonal 
[x] Add slope double diagonal block type 
[x] mblock: auto brick beveling 
[x] mblock: rock materials block logic 
[x] New level tool. Hold down shift when using mblock tool. 
[x] Must handle block upgrade cases for c2 slope in apply building parts module 
[x] Must handle block upgrade cases for normal slope in apply building parts module 
[x] Added some rocks to desert biome. Sometimes they will pile up. 
[x] Added some snow formations to winter woodland biome 
[x] Blockscape world gen version 2 
[x] mblock: Make a list of block types that mblock must not touch 
[x] mblock: do slopes for building materials 
[x] mblock: do convex/concave slopes only if needed for organic materials 
[x] mblock: use bars when no h-neighbors for planks? 
[x] mblock: select correct align mat at corner and edges for plank material 
[x] New normal maps for plank materials 
[x] New Blockscape mountian generation algorithms 
[x] less desert biome in Blockscape world 
[x] mblock: organic materials l0: diagonal connections in tesselation phase 
[x] mblock: post fix for concave and convex corner slopes 
[x] mblock: automatic configuration of blocks for roof materials 
[x] mblock: organic materials l0: Add snapped octahedron if > l0 neighbor 
[x] mblock: organic materials l0: Connect nodes in tesselation phase 
[x] mblock: organic materials l0: Use octahedron as node 
[x] New block type: octahedron 
[x] Block logic grid: Automatic configuration for organic materials 
[x] Better beaches for lakes]]>
Blockscape Build 1039556 Released Fri, 25 Mar 2016 02:24 CET


- Hostile mobs: Enigma, Mother bug, Wasp and Snake. Only attacks in Survival mode. Only spawns in the Blockscape world for now. 
- Reworked health system for mobs. Different weapons now do different damage. Mouse over mobs will show health. 
- Better transitions between biomes/materials. Added many transition tiles to handle cases where different biome/materials meet on the same level. 
- Reworked building parts in the Blockscape world. More detail up close and smoother looking from a distance. 
- Removed lots of errors in the Blockscape world generation (bad stream layouts, bad slopes, bad tree growth positions and so on...) 

Full list of new features and fixes in no order: 

[x] New monster: Bug queen (or Mother bug) 
[x] Fix path finding and movement for ground mobs 
[x] Bug queen should spawn a flying bug when player is close 
[x] Limit number of active flying bugs spawned by the queen 
[x] Flying bugs are leaning to the right (flying bug coordinate system is wrong!) 
[x] Allow movement to random points within cells 
[x] Bug queen should not target player! 
[x] Remove monsters that have invalid pos and invalid targets! 
[x] Flying bugs should deaccelerate to a point above the queen and then accelerate towards the player 
[x] Add "lips" to bug queen 
[x] Add high priority targets (less deviation from path) to monster movement 
[x] Add support for initial inpulse vector to monster movement 
[x] Bug queen teeth are too big! 
[x] Mother bug is floating half a block above ground 
[x] New monster: Snake. 
[x] Snake should be able to "walk" on any surface (vertical, upside down) 
[x] Monsters should move through plants. Not over. 
[x] Snake should only attack player in sruvival mode 
[x] Changed several building parts to make distant mountains a bit more "smooth". 
[x] Flying bugs should only target player in survival mode 
[x] c2 base building part was missing in some cases 
[x] Updated most of the rock4 parts with a more rounded look 
[x] Updated most of the rock5 parts with a more rounded look 
[x] Updated most of the rock6 parts with a more rounded look 
[x] c and c2 rock4 rock parts now work as a unit 
[x] add cfb parts for rock5 
[x] Fix colission between caves and streams 
[x] rock5 c parts should be used when there is no c2 rock part behind 
[x] Fixed some cases where the mesh extraction created holes in the world for higher lods. 
[x] Fix particle positions when destroying mobs 
[x] Flying bugs should sting player when close 
[x] Snake should hit player when close 
[x] Mouse over mobs should show their health 
[x] Fix monster health points 
[x] Bug queen player close warning sound 
[x] Snake head mesh 
[x] Snake body part mesh 
[x] Flying bug attack sound 
[x] Monster should loose speed when hit 
[x] Monsters should move faster when attacking 
[x] Monsters should recover speed after hit (set max speed on def) 
[x] Snake gets stuck going from attack to normal path finding 
[x] Bug queen lips color should be brighter variant of its body color 
[x] Snake floats half a block over the surface when in attack mode 
[x] Snake pattern and "belly" should be brighter variant of body_color 
[x] Monster impulse should fade every frame 
[x] Snake should try not to intersect itself (use monster collision logic?) 
[x] Handle monster collisions (read current world state into movement buffer) 
[x] Add Snake spawn positions building part (use fish spawn? yes) 
[x] Make fish spawn logic generic 
[x] Snake spawning 
[x] Mother bug spawning 
[x] Player hurt sound when hit by monster 
[x] Snake tail mesh 
[x] Seasons should be part of the biome type! done! puh... 
[x] Mob colors should be based on the biome where it was spawned 
[x] Path finding is too slow in some cases. Use caching of world data to speed things up! 
[x] Keep track of highest detailed blocks when loading block cache 
[x] Add sting to flying bugs 
[x] Valid mob colors are missing for Tropic and Sea biomes 
[x] Solve random path finding in several move iterations for bigger mobs. Done! puh! 
[x] Interpolate body parts targets for smoother movement 
[x] New monster: Enigma (large snake/dragon like sea creature) 
[x] Enigma body mesh 
[x] New console command: gametype 
[x] Enigma should attack player when close 
[x] Use compressed block cache for bigger mobs? No. Didn't work very well. 
[x] Enigma head mesh 
[x] Separate target recording from body part positioning 
[x] If advanced target path finding fails it should use the best possible target based on angle before picking a completely random target 
[x] Mother bug should not go or spawn under water 
[x] Snakes gets stuck at random? 
[x] Enigma tail mesh 
[x] Must add dist check to mob target valid check 
[x] Add several transition building parts 
[x] Tile transition logic to handle cases where different materials meet on the same level 
[x] Mobs should try to find a new target as soon as they are spawned (just set target = starting pos). 
[x] Water mobs disapear when far away (but not because of limit) 
[x] Removed lots of "bad" streams 
[x] Fixed some cases where slope generation messed up part selection because of chunk border issues 
[x] up vector is wrong for mobs moving on edges?

Blockscape Next Version Available Fri, 25 Dec 2015 14:41 CET

The next version of Blockscape is now available on the "unstable" branch of the game.

Just select Blockscape->Properties->Betas->unstable in your Steam client.
View Of The New Blockscape World Fri, 06 Nov 2015 22:05 CET
Latest Screenshots From Blockscape Sun, 20 Sep 2015 14:03 CEST

Blockscape is Available on Steam Fri, 04 Jul 2014 01:42 CEST
The official announcement :

Snapshot 5226.20245 Wed, 23 Apr 2014 15:36 CEST
Today Snapshot 5226.20245 is available here :

  • Iron ore is ultra rare
  • New material group: castmetals
  • Changed Anvil recipe so that you need to create the cast metal before you craft the anvil
  • You can now craft an Anvil out of any cast metal
  • Mining calculations used wrong material hardness groups (made pickaxe worse than it should be)
  • Adjust space between tool stats and ingredients in property panel
  • Swords needs efficiency values
  • Wooden torch
  • New recipe: Wooden torch (requires workbench)
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